Uttarkashi :

Uttarkashi, literally meaning 'Kashi of the North' is also nicknamed as ‘Somya Kashi’ and ‘Shivnagri’, like Kasi, the town of Uttarkashi also houses the sacred Vishwanath temple. This holy shrine features a copper trident, having a circumference of 1 meter. This is a quaint little town tucked away in the hill state of Uttarakhand. Revered by the Hindus as one of their propitious religious sites, the townhouses two of the total four holy shrines of Hindu mythology. It is one of the most visited cities of religious relevance in the area and gives you a sense of heightened divinity and an out of the world experience. The region was more in the favour of religious tourism initially but lately the spurring of trekking and adventure activities invites a lot of non religion tourists as well. Replete with ashrams and mandir, the town has got a spiritual vibe to it. All in all, the entire place boasts of divine heritage, mesmerising natural beauty, scenic panoramas and a wonderful irenic atmosphere.

Uttarkashi is one of the younger parts of Uttarakhand, formed in 1960. There is an uncanny purity about the place, making it one of the most visited cities of religious relevance in the area. Totally untouched by industrialism, except to simplify the existence, without over altering, the town is like no place you have ever spent your time in. While lakes and temples are in great numbers, the whole aura of religion is not over powering. Uttarkashi will give you a sense of heightened divinity and an out of body experience, and it is one of the fewest places doing so, even on the trekking routes it has to offer. Visit Uttarkashi, only if you're truly ready to revamp yourself, inside out.

The charming town of Uttarkashi is quite popular amongst the adventure enthusiasts as it offers several opportunities for trekking, mountaineering, and adventure sports. It is also known for the wide variety of coniferous vegetation such as fir, pine, deodar, medicinal shrubs and herbs. Uttarkashi is one of the most picturesque town of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state.

State: Uttarakhand
District: Uttarkashi
Famous for/as: Pilgrim, Natural sites etc.
Languages: Hindi, Garhwali

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